Chemical industry

advanced welding practices

chemical industry

Welding a variety of materials in the chemical industry

SWS-Trimac Inc. has manufactured tens of thousands of vessels, containers, manifolds, and chemical delivery systems apparatuses utilizing Electron Beam Welding and advanced machining practices. Typical materials used within the industry consist of Hastalloy C-276, Tantalum, Titanium, and Stainless Steel just to name a few.

SWS-Trimac welds a tremendous amount of product joining thin wall tube to sheet in materials mentioned above. Customer requests for welding range from .002” to .750 in thickness with some of the most stringent leak rates meeting 1×10-8 cc/sec or greater.

SWS-Trimac finds many industries including the Chemical Industry are moving to modular welding processes to lower their costs of products manufactured. The cost of corrosion resistant alloys skyrocketing over the last few years has had our customers turning to SWS-Trimac for design and manufacturing support to combat these increases.


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