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SWS-Trimac has been providing production welding for an array of industries utilizing Laser Welding and Electron Beam Welding in volumes exceeding 500,000 units annually for both small and large parts in a variety of materials and configurations. In addition to production welding, SWS-Trimac offers complementary services such as Assembly, Machining Services, Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing. SWS-Trimac designs and manufactures a majority of all required Tooling, Jigs and Gauging reducing lead-times and minimizing production downtime as these needed capabilities are under the same roof as the production welding machining are being performed.

Some examples of production welding in various markets include; Automotive transmission, engine components and brackets, driveline parts and various suspension hardware. SWS-Trimac offers production welding to some of the largest US motorcycle and agricultural companies. Medical examples include disposable surgical instruments, various hand tools and medical implants. Defense examples include various warheads, artillery hardware and gun sight mounts. Aerospace production welding includes countless applications on various aircrafts including helicopters, land based vehicles such as tanks and hummers. Commercial applications include sporting goods, electronics and chemical markets just to name a few.


We weld many types of material offerings

Based upon the above mentioned industries and applications SWS-Trimac is very experienced in joining a wide range of materials as well. Production welding is performed on Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper, and Titanium. 

Many production welding applications often join dissimilar materials and alloys without the use of filler material.

SWS-Trimac strives to be both flexible and convenient as we have earned the trust of many of our customers providing dock to stock quality systems or drop ship finished product in customer containers to the end user. 

SWS-Trimac holds several quality accreditations to assure a variety of customer requirements are met.


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