Your Solution For Metal Joining & Machining Challenges.

SWS-Trimac, Inc. strives to be your path of least resistance. Often, solutions do not always come easy; our perseverance in investigating alternative joint designs, fixturing, manufacturing techniques, and material selection pays off! Our experienced staff of engineers, welders, technicians, machinists, and quality personnel exist at SWS-Trimac, Inc. for one reason: to aid you, the customer, in becoming more capable and competitive.

We specialize in metals joining: from standard carbon and stainless steels to more exotic aerospace-grade aluminum, titanium, copper, nickel and cobalt alloys. We have welded some of the most challenging of joining applications such as high carbon or ultra-thin applications of foil thicknesses to heavy cross-sectional thicknesses requiring weld depths of 1.5 inches deep.

SWS-Trimac, Inc. provides Engineering services along with Electron Beam Welding, Laser Welding, EDM Wire & Drill, Swiss Turning, Multi Axis CNC machining, Assembly, Nondestructive (NDT) and Destructive Testing (DT) services.

Customer orders range from small-lot prototype development to large volume turnkey production from 1pc to 700,000 pcs annually. We are a contract manufacturer that consistently meets customer specifications and timing requirements we can aid with part assembly, passivation and in many cases dock to stock final inspection and packaging.



An Advanced Welding Process

Solid State and CO2 Laser Welding

5-Axis Machining

Multi-Axis and Swiss Turning

Dimensional & Visual Inspection, NDT & DT.

Accurate, Tight Tolerance Machining

Citric Passivation per ASTM A967
Support for Many Industries


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