Commercial Industry

possibilities and applications are endless


There is really no limit to the applications we can service

SWS-Trimac Inc. provides Electron Beam, Laser Welding, and various machining services to many clients representing many industries servicing commercial sectors. Some of the industries include Agricultural, Food Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Electronics, and Sporting.

Examples of such projects currently being welded and machined include equipment delivering food products for packaging, Agricultural parts used in Tractors, Farm equipment and conveyors. The Electronics industry utilizes our welding capabilities for bonding ultra –fine thin materials to contacts and the creation of laminates. Our advanced welding processes allow bonding of parts in areas that have very low melting temperatures, previously thought to be impossible. SWS-Trimac manufactures products used in hunting and fishing applications.

The possibilities and the applications for our welding and machining services are endless. It is not the diversity and unique list of clients we hold, it is our customers whom yield the benefit from our vast experiences based upon this diversity. This intangible factor is one of the many differences that separate SWS-Trimac from our competitors.


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