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Electron Beam weld technologies were originally created for the Aerospace industries based upon the high demand for precision high depth to width ratio welding with minimal part distortion. The Electron Beam Welding process has been unmatched by any other fusion welding process. The advancement of Laser Welding technologies in recent years has created some opportunities for some applications to be Laser Welded. SWS-Trimac offers precision welding, holding tolerances as close as .0005” while meeting some of the most stringent acceptance criteria’s for weld quality. Customer product being EB Welded will vary in size from 30” in diameter to 7’ in length or weigh as much as several hundred pounds or as light as a feather. SWS-Trimac can usually accommodate your production volumes as volumes typically vary from 1 to 500,000 annually. SWS-Trimac also offers value added Machining and Non-Destructive Testing services to support our welding services with many welds being subject to Radiographic, Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle or Penetrant inspections.

SWS-Trimac services customers welding needs with Electron Beam Weld (EBW) and Laser Welding (LW) processes. Aircraft applications include stators, veins, housings, valve bodies, hydraulic components, fuel nozzles& fuel delivery systems with bellows, landing gear, LVDT’s , APU’s , and countless linear drive components. Defense applications include Tank cylinders & track gearing, gun sights, cutting edge armory, missile parts, torpedo components, rocket cases, high frequency radar instrumentation and various helicopter components just to name a few.

SWS-Trimac Inc. has been servicing the Aerospace & Defense industries for more than 50+ years. With NADCAP / SCOPE accreditations since 1996, AS9100D quality assurance program since its inception and an approved FAA drug and alcohol misuse and prevention program already in place. SWS-Trimac has been the obvious choice for many of our Aerospace & Defense customers.


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