Automotive Welding & Machining Services

Automotive capabilities

Servicing some of the largest automotive manufacturers

SWS-Trimac Inc. provides Laser Welding and Electron Beam Welding services to many automotive clients. SWS-Trimac provides Prototype Welding, Production Welding and acts as back-up to various OEM production lines as key contingency plan in the event of down line scenario.

SWS-Trimac has welding experience with various combustion engine parts ranging from engine valves, spark plugs, manifolds, fuel injectors, custom blocks and cylinder heads. SWS-Trimac has welded millions of automatic and manual transmission parts, gears & synchronizers, convertors, shaft and gear combinations of countless designs. Driveline parts such as CV shafts, prop / drive shafts, differential carriers and related parts for dozens of manufactures. All of these examples range from light, medium, heavy duty, commercial, on and off road applications including military. SWS-Trimac also works with clients manufacturing interior parts such as steering columns, air bags, reclining seat and track parts. SWS-Trimac provides Laser & Electron Beam services to some of the world’s largest motorcycle manufactures as well, servicing both the production and aftermarket sectors.

SWS-Trimac offers value added services such as machining, assembly, pre & post weld stress relief, mass spec leak detection, rust inhibiting, and an array of non-destructive testing. Our staff is familiar with prototype, pre-production and production stages of manufacturing and have been operating within a IATF-16949:2016 quality system since the conception of the standard.


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